We are excited to announce that our uptime guarantee has been increased from 99.9% to 100%!

It is now more important than ever to ensure that all services remain online 24/7 without interruption which is why we have decided to increase our guarantee to better reflect our commitment to providing the best service and uptime possible.

In the rare event that a service is not online for 100% of any given month, we will provide compensation in the form of account credit at the rate of 10% for every hour of downtime up to 100% of the impacted service.

Downtime Amount Credit Amount
Up to 1 hour 10%
Above 1 hour, up to 2 hours 20%
Above 2 hours, up to 3 hours 30%
Above 3 hours, up to 4 hours 40%
Above 4 hours, up to 5 hours 50%
Above 5 hours, up to 6 hours 60%
Above 6 hours, up to 7 hours 70%
Above 7 hours, up to 8 hours 80%
Above 8 hours, up to 9 hours 90%
Above 9 hours 100%


For example, if a service experiences 25 minutes of downtime in an entire month, then a 10% account credit would be applied. If there are multiple downtime incidents, then the total amount of downtime would be calculated for that month.

This uptime guarantee does not apply to the following situations however we may still provide credit at our discretion:

- Scheduled maintenance with at least 24 hours of notice
- Urgent maintenance that does not exceed 10 minutes
- Malicious attacks such as DDoS and brute-force attacks

In order to receive a credit for downtime, you must submit a support ticket related to the outage and explicitly request credit through the same ticket after the outage is resolved.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this guarantee.

Best Regards,
Shock Hosting Team
[email protected]

Friday, October 7, 2022

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